How Our Wellness Program Works


What's Great About Go Organic NYC?

  • Daily morning delivery of product to your office kitchen.
  • Our fruits and vegetables are a healthy alternative to processed snacks for hungry employees.
  • We only select the freshest food for our customers, and it’s always organic.
  • Use Go Organic NYC to keep your office happy with nutritious food at the ready!
  • Use our system to customize your office order or give us a call and we can discuss setting up a seasonal fruit platter  for daily or weekly delivery.

We know that the key to a successful company is healthy and happy employees.

We cater to offices of any size, delivering the freshest produce before the morning coffee is brewed.

Our “Fruit To Your Office” program allows you to do something proactive to maintain the health of your company. Having fresh fruit in arm’s reach helps your employees consume the recommended two servings of fruit each day for optimal health. You can help your employees take better care of themselves while letting them know they are valued by you, which helps boost office morale and loyalty.

Go Organic NYC can deliver on a daily basis. Price is per box so there are no up-front costs. Since we buy directly from wholesale markets and farms we can be incredibly selective in terms of quality. Go Organic NYC’s produce is always organic and very fresh (fresher than supermarkets and farmer’s markets). We buy local grown produce whenever possible.

We also offer employee discounts so everyone in the office can benefit from having organic produce delivered to their doorstep!

Go Organic NYC’s fruit selection is superior to produce purchased at many greengrocers and supermarkets because:

Our produce is not left refrigerated for long periods of time before being sold.
Our produce is not handled by other customers and does not sit out on shelves at room temperature for days waiting to be purchased.
Our produce lasts longer because it is fresher and therefore a better value for your money.

Ever had Kiwiberries? Asian Pears? Heirloom Variety Apples? Champagne Grapes?
We strive to provide tasty and unique products so your employees are excited to eat healthy!



Companies Currently Using Go Organic NYC: